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Commercial Diving Solutions provides high quality, efficient, cost effective reservoir and water tank cleaning for NSW Shire Councils and other organisations requiring this service.

Our services and benefits are:

  • Minimal water loss

  • Appropriate safety protocols to deal with inlet and outlet points.

  • Disinfection procedures for divers and equipment pre and post cleaning to address issues raised in the ‘Australian Drinking Water Guidelines’.

  • Divers use dry suits, full face masks and appropriate wired or wireless voice communication to ensure hygienic, efficient and safe procedures.

  • Both SSBA and SCUBA can be adopted to suit the individual needs.

  • Pumps/suction/water delivery per minute is adjustable to deal with sludge/siltation on hand to minimize water loss.

  • Care is taken with water spillage to minimize erosion if required (if spilling on open ground).

  • Internal inspection procedures to evaluate fixtures and fittings.

  • External inspection procedures to evaluate fixtures and fittings.

  •  Documentation is recorded in video and still format in DV quality.

  • File format of documentation can be varied to suit client requirements (i.e. DVD,VHS, CD, email, etc.)