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Diving works related to underwater concrete structure inspection and cathodic protection, i.e. successful completion of:

RTA Missingham Bridge Concrete Pile Rehabilitation, completed October 2006.

Deterioration of steel reinforcement in underwater concrete structures is a common problem and causes dramatically shortened design lives of many of these structures.  In March 2006, Commercial Diving Solutions began the pile rehabilitation of the Missingham Bridge in Ballina, NSW which is located close to the mouth of the Clarence River.  The works involved utilisation of impressed current cathodic protection which meant that titanium mats had to be affixed to the underwater sections of the piles, connected to the steel reinforcement and then protected in a grout sleeve.  This grouting was made possible by encasing the piles with a steel shell.  Further CP works included interconnection of all steel collars, placement of reference anodes, midwater anodes, seabed anodes, etc.  A complex current monitoring system is installed at the bridge to regulate amount of impressed current and check continuity of protection.

Diving works included, but were not restricted to:

  • underwater inspection

  • pile cleaning

  • dredging

  • concrete breakouts

  • underwater welding

  • installation of impressed current cathodic protection for entire bridge (60 piles / 5 piers)

  • installation of protective steel sleeves for all piles

  • underwater grouting of all piles

  • commissioning work for underwater section

The Missingham Bridge Pile Rehabilitation contract was successfully completed by Commercial Diving Solutions in October 2006, on time and on budget!